Fifth LafargeHolcim Awards

80 LafargeHolcim Awards Gold 2014 Latin America: Articulated Site – Water reservoirs as public park, Medellín, Colombia Global LafargeHolcim Awar s finalis 2017 That simply belongs here! Urban integration of an existing concrete mixing facility A concrete mixing plant in the heart of the city? That actually makes complete sense, because short transport routes are efficient and more sustainable. With their ambitious project in Brussels, a team of young architects has shown how to make an industrial facility suitable for its neigh- borhood – and how to secure added civic benefits as well. The Brussels-Capital Region comprises 19 different municipalities. Almost all of them are growing. In 1990, 960,000 people lived in the region; today the population is around 1.2 million. The demand for new apartments and additional infrastructure is therefore high – and construction activity accordingly strong. The residents grudging- ly put up with the many construction sites that impede traffic and generate signifi- cant noise and other impacts. In Brussels, as in any prospering city, it’s important that construction work be carried out as efficiently as possible. One resource that contributes to this effi- ciency is the concrete plants of the Canal Zone. They are close to the center, so the concrete trucks shuttling between the plants and construction sites have relatively short travel distances. As the batching plants are located directly on the canal, the hundreds of thousands of tons of raw materials needed annually can easily be delivered by barge. But the location has disadvantages along with the advantages. Concrete plants create noise, traffic, and dust. Because more and more residential buildings are being erected in the immediate vicinity, more and more people are being annoyed by such an industrial presence. For instance, the multi-building residential complex Up-site is also located on the canal. The main building “Concrete should not be mixed too far away from the construction sites” Ken De Cooman