Fifth LafargeHolcim Awards

69 Project appraisal by the Global LafargeHolcim Awards jury The jury appreciates the elegant resolution of the project and its thoughtful, detailed presentation. Through explorations in material and technology, the design creates an ethereal machine for education. Despite the mastery on display, the jury ultimately concludes that the uniqueness of the proposal has limited possibilities for wider application. The jury feels discomfort with the idea of giving a Global Award to a building type whose origins are deeply colonial and a project whose central aim is to maintain non-native environments. Further, technical members of the jury observed that the technology being ap- plied, though novel in a North American context, had been previously applied in other parts of the world. An ethereal machine for education And what does sustainable construction gain from this project? If we succeed in designing something in this extremely sustainable way in which nature grows and thrives, we can apply it to all other architectural tasks. At the same time – as we all realized during the design process – we must not forget how important the aesthetic aspect of such a project is. This has all too of- ten been neglected in the history of sustaina- ble construction. But if we really want to start a cultural paradigm shift toward a sustainable existence, we must deal with more than prag- matics. We need to use design aesthetics as a tool to get the public on board. Initial project submission page 164.